I spring, you spring. We all spring for Teespring!

Have you heard of Teespring.com yet? I came across it last week on Sverve and think it’s amazeballs. In short, Teespring is a site for Crowdfunding custom apparel such as t-shirts.

How is it different from other sites, like Cafepress?
Think of it as Cafepress meets Kickstarter. Buyers pre-order their tees online on your campaign page – and you set a minimum goal. If that goal isn’t reached, all bets are off. In other words,  if no one orders your “Bob Ross is a Heartthrob” tshirt that you SWORE would be a big hit, you’re not out $1,000.

What makes this site awesome?
Aside from the obvious (creating products is fun, earning extra cash with no out-of-pocket expense is funner, no need for Photoshop skillz is funnest), Teespring.com is BRILLIANT for nonprofits, teams/groups or individuals looking to do a bit of fundraising. You can check out some sample fundraising campaigns on their site, such as this awesome one which raised over $85k for Boston relief! I also really loved this one – a couple created a campaign to raise money for adoption expenses.

How does it work?
Teespring.com is ridiculously easy to use. I decided to take it for a whirl and ended up making a snazzy SuxintheCity.com tshirt.

Step One: Create your tshirt!
You can choose from a variety of tank tops and tshirts. As far as style goes, you can either upload your own artwork or use their design app, which has a variety of fonts to choose from.


carrie bradshaw fucking lied to you tshirt
Step Two: Set the price and sales goal for your campaign
The sales goal (which can be as low as 10 tshirts or as high as 1,000)  is the minimum number of shirts that need to be reserved before your shirts are printed. Once you select your selling price, Teespring will show you how much you’ll earn in profit when you reach your minimum sales goal. As you can see, I’m gonna make it rain! BLING BLING.





Step Three: Select the length of your campaign and LAUNCH!
Easy. as. pie. Although not really, because pie isn’t really all that easy to make. Easy as… ramen noodles.




Once your campaign is launched, you’ll need to promote it in order to get those sales. If you’re utterly clueless when it comes to sales, fear not – Teespring has a handy guide that will guide you through the various ways you can promote your product.


If you need some extra dolla dolla billz or are doing a fundraiser, I suggest you check out Teespring! Oh, and if you like my tank top, you can order it here before July 22nd: http://teespring.com/chicagoista



Note: ‘This is a sponsored post, but all of the warm and fuzzy things I said came straight from my heart. <3

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